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meet shara

Shara Zaia is a first-generation Assyrian-American climber, educator, and community organizer based in Denver, CO. After nearly a decade of teaching and advocating for underserved children in early childhood classrooms, she is focusing her advocacy efforts on the climbing community.


Access to the sport has given her a chance to challenge her deep-rooted imposter syndrome and have a healthier relationship with her fears. Most importantly, climbing has given her a community of people without which it felt difficult to survive. Her dream is to pair her passions for education and the outdoors to break down barriers within the sport so that everyone can experience the mental, physical, and emotional benefits.


She is a sponsored athlete, published author, industry model, and President of Cruxing in Color - a 501(c)(3) supports self-identified climbers of color in Colorado's Front Range. She also serves the American Alpine Club as the Manager of Climb United where she continues to shift the culture of climbing towards inclusivity and joy. 

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