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Cruxing in Color is a 501(c)(3) that connects, supports, and empowers self-identified climbers of color in the Denver area. CIC fosters representation at the crag and gym and breaks down barriers that systemically keep people of color out of these spaces.

In 2020, CIC was founded on the foundation that everyone who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color is welcomed as they are. At the end of the day, CIC isn’t even really about climbing. It’s about joy. It’s about community. It’s about creating an experience that leads to self-actualization that may have been diminished by peoples’ lived experiences due to their racial and ethnic identities. If we can open the gates and foster this joy rather than hate and division, we will see ALL spaces become more representative.

When she founded CIC, Shara had only been climbing for about a year.  Together with co-founder Menesha Mannepperuma, CIC was able to expand the mission and vision to extend beyond monthly meetups. 

Since 2020 CIC has:

- Held monthly meetups hosting over 100 climbers a night

- Built out a gym membership scholarship program serving 20 climbers at three Denver area gyms

- Held a fundraiser that raised $11,000 in one night (and marked the largest turnout to Movement RiNo since its opening!)

- Been featured in publications including Climbing Magazine, The Daily, Gym Climber, City Lifestyle, Boulder Weekly, AAC Guidebook to Membership

- Built a community of over 4,000 people

- Presented and hosted clinics at climbing festivals including the Craggin' Classic, Ten Sleep Climbers' Fest, and No Man's Land Film Fest

- Funded SPI scholarships, photography clinics, stewardship projects and other outdoor events

- Invited to host an exhibit at TEDx Mile High 2023

- Joined the American Alpine Club Climb United Affiliate Support Network

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Donate To Support Our Work

Cruxing in Color runs strictly on a volunteer basis and we rely on donations to help support our mission.



It wasn’t until Cruxing in Color that I actually felt like a real climber.

- Sushia Rahimizadeh (he/him)

I don’t fit the demographic of a typical Colorado climber at all. Whether I’m inside the gym or outside at the crag, I’m surrounded by mostly white males and it is so easy to feel like a space isn’t meant for you when you're such an obvious outsider.

- Sade (they/them)

The energy was completely different - no stares, just smiles, good conversation, and my blackness was never the center of attention. I’d never seen so many climbers of color in one space.

- Sheyan Clark (she/her)

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